How should I understand Gartner MQ 2016 for Videoconferencing?

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How should I understand Gartner MQ 2016 for Videoconferencing?

Gartner publishes every year their opinion about video conferencing vendors and lines them into the magic quadrant as leaders, visionaries, niche players or challengers. The report covers vendors' offering on on-premise solutions that includes conference room devices, video conferencing servers and mobile software. In addition it requires that vendors have ... Read more
videoconference panorama view

No one left behind #videoconferencing camera

Did you know that you can have 360 degree video of a meeting room, so no one is left behind the videoconferencing camera. Video picture of the whole room during #videoconferencing is good for small and hubble spaces. All the remote participants see who actually are in the room, and ... Read more
bring your own remote to videoconference

Your phone as a remote for #videoconferencing

Did you know that nowadays you could use your smartphone as a control center when joining #videoconference from a meeting room? Just download App and there you are...join virtual meeting room, take snapshots from shared content for notes, etc. It will work for Skype meetings as well. Read more

Why pay for video meetings?

They say there isn't such a thing as "free lunch". However, at least free-looking communications systems do exist, and temptation for a smallish organization to choose Apple FaceTime, Microsoft Skype or Google Hangouts can be strong. The fact that they are consumer solutions hasn't stopped them from being used ... Read more

Myths around video meetings

Aryn Sanderson from Avaya writes about four false beliefs around video meetings. Video meetings are too complex to use Sanderson mentions that a competing solution requires up to 50 actions for a newcomer to set up a video meeting while Avaya's own Scopia requires only six steps. Anyone can be invited ... Read more

Unified Communications

UC – Unified Communications – must be nowadays one of the most misunderstood and vague technological terms in the market. It’s an old term and it has meant many different thing during the years. From technological point of view it typically includes an instant messenger, presence, voice, video and ... Read more
Google Glass

Customer service visions of Avaya and HP are reality – now!

Many wild visions of today will be just ordinary reality tomorrow. For example, the disappearance of Nokia, appearance of affordable tablets to almost any home, and the new mobile lifestyle iPhone started, would have been utopia a decade ago for all but the most far-seeing visionaries. Still, one trend ... Read more
Digital video resolutions

4K – do we need it?

4k - it's one of the latest buzzwords, just like in their turn were 3D-televisions, smart televisions, and before them not-so-smart televisions with HD, Full-HD, et cetera ad infinitum. This time the promise is (again) having greatest ever picture quality combined with (at first) greatest ever price tags and ... Read more

Avaya comes on top in Nemertes Research’s enterprise video conferencing ranking Read more
Google Hangouts

Hangouts – more than a Skype killer?

Communications market is going through an invisible revolution. This shows in high quality dedicated solutions becoming cheaper, in people getting more used to replacing traditional meetings with video ones, and above all, in the resulting changes in related business models. As already expected, Google has become the disruptive player, ... Read more
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