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Avaya Aura

Conference phones


For daily video conference user Avaya conference phones have all the features needed including USB interface for computer connection, additional microphones, phonebook, etc. Conference phones can be used in conjunction with a computer or a mobile phone. IP, analog and DECT models are available.

Avaya B149
, Avaya B159 ja Avaya B179

Desktop phones


Avaya provides a large selection of phones. You will find a suitable one for your needs, whether you’re a daily user, professional call center supervisor, or need a general desk phone to a lobby room. Phones have all the necessary features: redial, programmable buttons, headset connection, phonebook, backlit display as well as support for network protocols and encryption.

Avaya 1603, Avaya 1608 ja Avaya 1616

Avaya 9611, Avaya 9621 ja Avaya 9641

Smarter smartphone


Expect the same functionality to be available from your mobile as your desk phone has: conference call, divert, transfer, hold. These also have computer -like features such as web conference, where you can share documents, present slides and meet your clients and partners.

One-X Mobile
One-X Mobile Lite
Avaya Web Collaboration