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Avaya Contact Center

Call Center

Call Center is a phone system with expanded functionality that knows to whom and how fast to connect calls from which service line to what agent. Avaya Call Center always knows who is the best skilled and available person to answer the call. Avaya Call Center Elite is known as a Gold Standard in the call center industry.

Contact Center

Multi-channel call center is also known as the contact center. Contact Center is a call center that has the ability to handle all communications channels in addition to the phone calls. The contact center makes it possible to handle e-mail, chat, video calls and faxes in a managed way. Multi-channel functionality is embedded into Avaya Call Center Elite.

Business Advocate

During the rush hours Avaya is able to meet the promised service levels without having a supervisor to intervene. An automatic load balancing called The Business Advocate will do the decisions based on preset values by keeping the promised service levels.

Service Level Maximizer

An automatic load balancing known as The Service Level Maximizer is for companies having several service centers. Avaya is able divide calls from a single service line between different locations based on preset values to meet the promised service level.

Skill based routing

Every agent has his/her own special skills based on their experience. Avaya is able to match a caller to the most suitable agent. The skills translate to languages spoken, ability to sell, knowledge of products and services, etc. Every skill can be defined by additional levels such as “last choice”, “good,” or “the best”. Up to 60 skills and 16 levels per skill are supported.

Interactive Voice Response

IVR is a voice menu of multiple choices A caller will be informed of available choices, and (s)he responds by pressing phone buttons. For example: “for English language please press 1, for Finnish press 2″, etc. IVR can be integrated to a database. Based on the information acquired from a database, the system can miss additional questions and deliver the customer to the best agent available.