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Vidyo Mobile is a mobile app that allows you to join live video meetings from anywhere as long as at least 3G -level mobile data network coverage is available. iOS and Android platforms are supported.



Vidyo Desktop solution allows you to join a video conference, share content, see what others are sharing, control meetings and save the meetings and material used in them. Windows, Apple OS X and Linux computers are supported.


VidyoRoom , ja

Vidyo’s meeting room solution allows use of up to two large screens with top quality Full-HD picture of participants and content sharing. Anyone can share their computer screen by connecting it to the room system.

Dual screen support

Dual screen support on computer and meeting room systems allows one to see content and participants on separate screens.

Bring your own device

You can host and join a meeting with your current supported computer, tablet or a smartphone. When in a meeting room, just connect speakers and a large screen, and there you go!

Invitation by email

Invite others by sending a calendar invitation from you device. The invitation includes a meeting web-link; by clicking it you will join the meeting.

Secure connection

The session’s video meeting and the content used in it are secured by AES protocol.

Recording of sessions
Recording the session for later use (for example, meeting notes) is just one click away.

Virtually or in a cloud

The fully featured video meeting solution can be hosted virtually, or in a cloud.



Guests can join the video meeting by clicking an invitation web-link. Your web browser is then used to show the meeting and its shared content. Most common web browsers are supported: Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari.



VidyoRemote allows manage video meetings using your tablet. Touch screen based application allows control of the room camera, joining a meeting, muting the microphone, etc. Supports Android and iOS devices.



View and share content directly from your tablet. Use highlighter tools to annotate content. You can also draw and save virtual whiteboards for a graphical collaborative experience.

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Affordable to start
Easy to use
Everyone can participate
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Even the most complicated topics can be discussed and illustrated with a presentation. Everyone is a part of the meeting, unlike as usually happens in phone conferences. Give it a try!
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