In a meeting from your computer

Even the most affordable modern computers are capable of producing and sharing high quality video content. This makes it possible to build a capable video meeting workstation virtually anywhere, especially when using an external web camera and a speaker microphone. Our solutions support Windows, MacOS and Linux.

The combination of a computer and a web camera is, especially when equipped with an external display or two, capable of rather demanding video meetings. Video quality can be up to Full-HD. Computers multiple persons on a screen,content sharing and commenting than today’s mobile devices.

Send an invite
Join a meeting
Share content
View shared content
Highlight and annotate content
Suitable speakerphone
Conference camera

Send meeting invite

1An invitation for a video meeting can be sent as a calendar or email invitation either from a web browser or from Microsoft Outlook.

Easy installation

2Does not require help from IT administrator for guest participants. Video meeting can be held in a web browser.

Sharing desktop

3Full screen or a chosen window can be shared with other participants.

Drawing and highlighting

4You can draw over shared content or mark text with highlights.

USB conference cameras with speakerphone

Affordable, yet quality solution up to Full-HD quality. Remore controlled models are available. Often includes a good speaker microphone.

Logitech 3000


Logitech 950

Logitech 920