Content sharing

Content sharing

Content sharing, annotating in a video meeting

Video meetings are no longer limited to video and sound only; they can also be used to present and distribute many kinds of other content. Already two affordable external displays make an efficient, interactive meeting possible where participants can write comments, draw, vote and finally also save the meeting in standard format for later use or re-distribution.

In near future content sharing, commenting and other ways of interactive teamwork will take an ever increasing role in video enabled communications. This means we can talk about complete solutions for collaborative teamwork.


Sharing content and computer’s screen

Content and computer’s screen can be shared using cable and application.


Using cable to share
Sharing from computer
Sharing from tablet

Cable share gives better picture frequency, so you can even share a movie. For example video conference can be used for selecting right advertisement clip. Cable share allows sharing, in addtion to computers, mobile devices screens as well. Most common cable connectors are HDMI, VGA, DisplayPort.

Using an application to share a screen allows you select specific application that increases security as you will not accidentally show confidential data open in another program.


Browsing shared content


You can browse shared content back and forth on your computer, tablet and smartphone. It is brilliant feature when you, for example, join the meeting late, or want to ask a question regarding previously shown slides but need to see them again.


Highlighting, annotating shared content and drawing one


There are unlimited ways to present content, from pre-made slides to drawing during the session. Content sharing can start from a blank page by drawing it during the session. Or you share pre-made slides and highlight details on that using “electronic” laser-pointer or  pen.

All participants can share content, and that can be viewed as gallery of contents.


Recording a meeting and shared content


A meeting with all its shared content can be saved in standard formats for later use and possible redistribution.