Participating a video conference from mobile

The latest smartphones and tablets already match the capabilities of a typical four-years old laptop computer. Technical differences between mobile devices and traditional computers are quickly disappearing, and in the future they are expected to converge with merely differences in size-, shape- and features.

It is already possible to have quite demanding video meetings while on the road as long as there is decent 3G, 4G or WLAN network coverage available, and a latest generation Android or Apple iOS device at hand.

Well designed native applications make, for example, Avaya’s and Vidyo’s mobile video meeting experiences easy and pleasant to use wherever you might be around the world.

Invite by email
Joining a meeting
Shared content
Annotation on content
Suitable speaker-phone
Connecting a large screen

Sending video conference invite by email.

Sending an invite is made simple. With three simple steps on your mobile device you can invite anyone to participate video conference.

1) start the application

2) choose how to send an invite (SMS or e-mail)

3) send the invite

Joining video conference

After receiving an invite, joining the video conference is simple.

1) Open the e-mail invite

2) tap the invite link inside the email

3) choose to join, enter your name and there you are.

Viewing shared content.

During a video conference you can view shared content in addition to people. Avaya solution allows to scroll presented pages back and forth using slider functionality.

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Viewing shared content

Sharing content from mobile device.

You can share content from your mobile device. The application VidyoSlate allows you share PDF, PowerPoint documents, images and start a whiteboard drawing. There is an option to capture another shared content and draw on that. When sharing there is available laser pointer, to emphasize details.

Highlighting details.

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Sharing and highlighting content

Connecting a mobile device to a speaker-phone

When participating a video meeting in a conference room with more than two persons around the table, there is often a need to improve the microphone quality and increase the speaker volume. The best solution is to use a conference speaker-phone.

Izallcom offers a large selection of speaker-phones, including ones ideal for large meeting rooms.


Connecting speaker-phone to a mobile device