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FAQ – Video Meetings:

I hear no sound!
Computer’s audio settings need adjustment. Volume setting may be too low, or even muted.
Others can't hear me!
Your microphone may be muted, or its recording level set too low.
There's this terrible screaming voice!
Probably feedback from computer’s speakers to its microphone. Try external microphone and/or speakers.
Nobody can see me!
Your camera may be switched off?
My computer becomes slow during a video meeting!
Older and cheapest computers may have some performance issues during video meetings, especially when using highest picture quality. New driver software from manufacturer’s web pages may help, but often the best way to get full performance out of a computer is to turn possible power saving functions temporarily off (they tend to slow especially laptop computers down). It is also recommended to avoid running heavy applications simultaneously with a video meeting.
The video and/or sound of my mobile device is poor!
Is there at least a 3G-level mobile data network available? Even if your mobile device displays presence of a 3G network, its speed and quality, especially indoors, may be too weak for a video meeting. Sometimes simply walking to a different location may help the situation.