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Aryn Sanderson from Avaya writes about four false beliefs around video meetings.


  1. Video meetings are too complex to use

Sanderson mentions that a competing solution requires up to 50 actions for a newcomer to set up a video meeting while Avaya’s own Scopia requires only six steps. Anyone can be invited to a meeting almost anywhere and using any network capable of at least 3G performance. It is true that the traditional perceived complexity of video meetings has decreased dramatically in recent times. People are also getting used to easy-to-use consumer video messengers like Facetime, Hangouts and Skype, and are starting to require same simplicity and clarity besides feature sets.

  1. Joining a meeting takes too much time

According to Tolly Group’s research a Scopia user can join a meeting in less than a minute whereas the same can take up to 7 minutes in a competing product. The difference is remarkable; below 60 seconds of waiting is acceptable for most people whereas 7 minutes takes nerves of steel.

  1. IT-department is required to help you

This, too, depends on the system used. Sanders says Scopia’s automatic updates save time and effort from both IT-department and end-users. No matter what the brand, it is true that users should never have to worry about their systems being up-to-date or not.

  1. Whatever else, don’t expect miracles in picture quality!

As Sanders mentions, we haven’t traditionally expected miracles from video meetings. Picture quality can still be less than perfect in challenging conditions, but for example Scopia users can expect to see sharp, stable HD-level video in high quality.

Aryn Sanderson’s point-of-view is understandably Avaya-emphasized, but it is true that there are considerable differences between different manufacturers’ systems in, for example, ease of use, mobile capabilities and compatibility with other manufacturers’ solutions. The market leader isn’t always automatically the best solution in any technology, and past achievents tell little about today’s competitive situation. Video meeting technology is under rapid change now (for example, moving into cloud services), and the competition field therefore changes every year, if not monthly. This situation is good for a customer, because it means that we can find ever more user-friendly, better quality, more affordable alternatives than ever before, and no manufacturer can afford remaining to rest on their heels while others move forward.

About the author: Tommi Hietavuo
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